Thursday, September 5, 2013

Process of the face reduction in Yakson House with a facial mask to look smaller and slimmer on your face

How do I go through the face massage with a facial mask to look smaller on my face in Yakson House? 

Annyong haseyo!!
Many people've requested and asked what this facial mask is used in Yakson House. Some people may wonder about how it is used for. =) 

face massage

The program for Face Reduction Care is aimed to sculpt the shape of the face into the more ideal oval shape. The ultimate goal is to have a round face. Usually, one time treatment is not enough to show the results of looking slimmer. 
face massage

By using Bone therapy, you can experience as much as 10% reduction on the size of your face.  To be able to see the results, a total of 10 sessions are recommended. But, I  MUST SAY, it's all non-surgical and all natural massage services. 

facial mask, facial massage

facial mask, facial massage

facial mask, facial massage

you think that this is really scary like a mummy! right? KeKeKe~~:D
But, don't worry more! As you see the picture above, this is kind of a result to show before and after photos of our customers'face! 

So, that's why the facial massage is used to see the results of your face reduction after a total of 10 sessions. It's good for blood circulation and makes your face smaller after consecutive treatments as well~.

Big to small without any plastic surgery!! Yakson House's bone therapy can reduce the size of anyone's face without resorting to plastic surgery. 

Who doesn’t want a smaller face? As you know, the most important part of beauty is the shape of the face, I think? <3

Why don't you give Yakson House face massage a try? 
There are two massage programs for your face 

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