Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Beauty Tips] how to Reduce Facial Swelling

How to Reduce Facial Swelling
Do you know who she is? She is  Our YAKSON HOUSE CELEBRITY CUSTOMER, Choi Ji-Yeon!! XD
As you see, Korean girls are dreaming of making a small face like her. 
(Actually, I'm also worried about a large forehead in my face. lol)  
How to Reduce Facial Swelling
She also caused a big sensation with her lovable and young look,
(on the Episode of SBS's Special Couple -> More info, CLICK THIS)
even though she is 35 lol(you might not know her age. her look is like mid 20 yrs or so?)
Also, we also feel depressed in the morning when we see a swollen face in the mirror. :) 
So, I am here to tell all of Golki massage lovers DIY massage tips on sleeping late night due to the hot weather. :)

Here comes!! Let's learn how to reduce face swelling!!  

1. Blood flow with warmth in your palms
 rub your palms to make your body temperatures warmer and touch them on the face in 10 secs. They are delivered to your face then feel refreshed.

How to Reduce Facial Swelling
<Please should have your fists shape to rub them>

2. Elimination of toxins shaking lip muscle

shake your jaw, lower jaw and around lips in turn
It helps eliminate waste from your body and circulate water as the swelling is naturally reduced.

3. Reduce cheekbone swelling   

it's easy enough to be swollen well because cheekbone and cheek are fleshy.  

4. Pinch your eyelids (swelling reduction)

Twisting up and down to grab the muscle of the brow with your thumbs and forefingers.
repeat it five times in the upward direction. There is an acupressure effect. 
the face outlines are getting much better and the overall swelling subsides.

5. Reduce swollen cheeks by acupressure 

roll 10 times by pressing the center of both cheeks, like drawing the alphabet O. Repeat 10 times in the opposite direction. when you putt your arms on the desk or dresser, you are able to make the acupressure stronger.

6. Get a V line stretching your neck muscles

clasp your hands except your thumbs, slide up under the chin with them toward your head.  Stay 3 secs and repeat five times. As neck muscles are bigger, your double chin and neck become thinner.

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