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About the Bone Therapy

About the Bone Therapy

Bone Therapy

The bone therapy is new field of an aesthetic therapy that was created by the combination of the bone treatment which was invented by the president of YAKSONMYUNGGA and health beauty programs. The bone therapy uses the handcrafts to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Those stimulated blood flow by the bone therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes. The bone therapy is a natural therapy that makes healthy beauty of face and body shapes. YAKSONMYUNGGA completed its own unique healthy beauty program with experiences and know-how.

The main effects of the bone therapy
Take care of O-Shape legs
Take care of unbalanced face and pelvis shapes

Makes the natural beauty shape of small face.

Combination Bone Therapy

The combination bone therapy is combined of meridian pathway nutrition care and bone therapy. It cleans the wastes between the bones and muscles by relaxing the bone skins.

The combination bone therapy relaxes the stressed muscles. It has effects of making soft face shapes which makes to have better image in camera. It is popular therapy for those business man who often uses face muscles or bride who wants to have most beautiful moment in the wedding. It is also good for relaxing back muscles.
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