Monday, July 1, 2013

[Yakson Program] Facial Balance Care

Facial balance care is absolutely necessary not just for esthetics but for your health.


Resting your chin on your arm or chewing food with just one side of jaws may create facial unbalance. It has been proven statistically that those with unbalanced faces tend to leave poor impressions on others. 

Facial Balance Care


More balanced face and body 

Small and oval-shaped face 

Revitalized body 

Good first impression 

Confident in appearance 

Being photogenic 

Facial Balance Care

Facial Balance Care

Facial Balance Care

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to get rid of the hump on neck,which usually associated with forward head posture,(addressed with postural rehabilitation) using Yakson Program /Golki Therapy ?


    1. Hello, thank you for visiting our Yakson House! I'm so sorry for your disease because of the hump on your neck. you better go visit our website at to leave a detailed comment about your diseases. Then experts are willing to explain whether it can be solved or not! thank you!