Thursday, May 9, 2013

[Beauty Tips] Spring color Lipsticks_Korean Brand

The outside is fragrant with the smell of flowers now. 

That's why I love, love, love this season, Spring!

Welcoming the best beautiful season, I am going to introduce 'the color of spring' which is suitable for. 

Here is a list of my recommendation based on totally personal opinion.

1. Etude House 

Dear my Blooming Lisptalk_PK007 

2. Tonymoly 

Kisslover lipstick_PK009

3. Holika Holika

Jewel light multi Lips

4. Baviphat

Purekiss lipstick_no.1-Pink lavender

5. Skinfood

Vita tok lipstick

Those products have cute design, good quality as well as reasonable price.
(Average price : $5) 

This post is not an advertising,
just editor's opinion.

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