Wednesday, April 3, 2013

[Brand Power Award Winner] Yakson House, Beauty Golki Therapy

Beauty health care brand Yakson House’s president Kim Hyeon Sook explains that Golki therapy is a beauty massage which is combined with Golki treatment and beauty program. It starts from the principle that bone and muscle become stronger when stimulation is given. It uses techniques pushing and touching bones.

Golki therapy can help you to have healthy and beautiful face and body by their programs such as facial balancing, reducing facial size, after-plastic surgery care, acne care and skin regeneration special care.

President Kim syas “Especially, facial balancing care was started by Yakson House. There are many customers who had facial size reducing care have facial balance problem as well. So we did facial balancing care by using Golki therapy and customer’s face got more balanced throughout the program. We made this special program because there were many customers who wanted intensive care for facial balance.

Golki therapy’s excellence is well known in worldwide. There are 83 branches in the world - 75 branches in Korea and 8 branches in Japan, South East Asia, and USA. Moreover, in Japan, famous esthetic company’s CEO Takano Yuri and famous makeup artist ikko had big interest in Golki therapy and Golki therapy became really popular in Japan.

Recently, Yakson House launched a cosmetic brand Eos beaute based on their know-how on Golki therapy in last 33 years. It is ambitious work by Chairman Lee Byung Chul and President Kim Hyeon Sook, after number of tests and cooperation with their 
cosmetic research group.

Eos beaute uses natural ingredients based on oriental medicine and helps skin’s immune system and regeneration. They launched beauty products -‘Chungryu Mask’, cleansing product, and ‘Yakson Kraut Peeling’.

Yakson House’s key to success comes from President Kim’s strict rule –‘To keep promises always’. “It is promise with customers to give them satisfaction and it must be kept.” And she said “In order to do that, we will provide the best effect and service.”

“Also, Yakson House is making lots of efforts to cultivate talented people in beauty industry. Since 2011, Yakson House provided scholarship to 18 colleges related to skin clinic and donated ‘skin clinic development fund’ to 7 universities.

President Kim who had huge success in esthetic industry published her book “Focus on 1% that you are good at, rather than 99% that you like’ and shared her success story and know-how on how she started from 5 million won and how she made 10 billion won.

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