Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yakson's Anti-aging Tips

Bad habits accelerate your aging. And there is no surprise that using same face muscles repeatedly accelerate aging, too. So, to prevent it, it is important to relax all the muscles on face and replenish water through stretching and massage. 

Check list 

1. Chewing food with your mouth's one side
2. Habit to talking by strenghning your forehead side
3. Screwing face up or laughing often
4. Exposure to ultraviolet light for a while 
5. Excessive exfoliation 

If the items above apply to you, you might be exposed to the risk of aging fast. 
Actually, it is not possible to avoid aging for humans but we are able to slow down its pace.  

To slow down aging, refer to these tips. 

- Use the cosmetics with less amount of oil 
- Apply sunblock frequently
- Use the make up base or powder with more bright color than what you usually use.It reflects ultraviolet.

The tips are very simple and easy to remember, right? :)
Why don't you practice it with Yakson from today? 

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