Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Walk Properly

Tips for walking with proper form by Yang Jung Suk(Owner of  Cheongryangri branch)

It is important to walk properly for your spine as well as beauty. Yang Jung Suk, owner of cheongryangril branch, suggested the effective way to get our backbone realigned which we can try easily.

Step 1
Take the first step with your right foot. Ensure that the joint is not folded. 
Pace at about 90% of your height

Step 2. 
Ensure that the heel of your right foot touches the ground first. 
Aim for 40% landing angle for maximum result.

Step 3. 
Transfer the weight of your body onto the center of your right foot.

Step 4. 
When touching the ground with the sole of your right foot, 
ensure that the big toe touches the ground first.

Step 5. 
Repeat the process with the left foot.

It may not be easy but take time to practice it. It will become natural for you before know it.