Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yakson's new cosmetic brand "Eos Beaute"

eos beaute

▲ From left,
 Do wonkyoung(singer), Kim darae(Comedian), Kim hyunsook(CEO), Ju gunhong(CEO of Yakson Cosmetics), Lee byungcheol(chairman), An jinkyung(singer), Kangcheolwoong(actor)

The launching show of Yakson's new cosmetic brand "Eos Beaute" 
was held in Imperial Palace Hotel last month. 

 "Eos Beaute"  is a cosmetic products focused on functionality and
plan to execute marketing and sales through online shopping mall and offline store.

This new brand is well worth seeing to be the top Korean cosmetic brand!:)

For more information, You can check it here

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