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Natural Curved Legs Care

Natural Curved Legs Care

Natural Curved Legs Care

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I find your treatments and offers very interesting and refreshing but I live here in Cebu Philippines. By any chance, does YAKSONMYUNGGA plan on opening a branch in Cebu some time in the future? (I'm sorry for asking... somehow I think it's a stupid question) But anyway, I was wondering about the "curved legs care"...How does the treatment work? Does it realign the bone? Are there any before and after pictures? (There's none available in the site yet) :) Good day!

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Good day to you Ms. Marie!!!
First, we would like to say thank you very much for visiting our website and sharing us your concerns..
Anyway, Yaksonmyunga has a plan in putting up a branch there in Cebu but we don't know yet when but dont worry, we will inform you as soon as we already finalize the plan..
About Curved Legs care, this program can transform the curved legs into straight legs through natural handcrafts therapy. We massage the imbalance bone to make it straight and to have a good blood circulation.
Before the treatment start, we will take a picture of your legs and it will be seen in your chart record..then, if you get the 10 sessions you can be able to compare the before and after picture.
Our Curved Legs program includes: backbone care+pelvis care+ legs care

Price: P23,000 for 10 visits and P3,100 for 1 visit
          P65,0000 for 30 visits

Yaksonmyunga program are all done by Handcrafts and natural therapy of our therapist.
Yaksonmyunga bone therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes.It promotes beauty, healthy in body and face.
For more information/or appointment  you may call us at: tel 892-9441   

Thank you and hope to see you soon..

Yumin Kim
Yaksonmyunga Phils. Branch Owner 

Yakson House Makati Branch
Owner: Yu Min Kim
Address: G4 Perla Mansion 117Don C.Palanca St. Legaspi Village. Makati. Philippines
Hours: 10:00 ~20:00
Telephone: 02-892-9441

yakson house

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441     


  1. I'm glad you have plans of making a Cebu branch. I'm looking forward to that day! Thank you so much!!

  2. Cool blog!What about following each other?