Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 3 pink lipstick, Best Pink Lipstick, Find Your Perfect Pink

Hot Pink lipstick is such a pretty color for me on my pale lips. So I have tried many kinds of pink lipstick so I would like to share my review of pink lipstick

1) Dior Addict Extreme Lipsticks Holiday
I love Dior`s lipstick so much. Holiday is one of my best colors because it is the perfect color that will make my lips sweeter. Spend $30 on a luxury lipstick but 100% worth the money. Lipstick is sheer and creamy I am absolutely in love with this lipstick.

2) shu uemura rouge unlimited pk325
Great choice for spring and summer for romantic look. Shu uemura lipstick has very nice textures so it is glossy and moisturizing enough. It feels soft and lasted for a long time but I need to reapply all the time.

3) Innisfree Eco essential lipstick No.4
Innisfree`s eco lipstick is natural essential ingredients contain over 90% so it is very smooth and soft. Innisfree is a brand under South Korea`s largest cosmetic company, Amore Pacific. Their product is not popular worldwide but very well made and price is also affordable. I like innisfree lipstick because it is very natural color and price is very low. So I choose many color of their lipstick and find right color for myself.

Apply bright pink lipstick without lip liner. I think it looks more beautiful when face keeps natural tone. 

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