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The Yakson House Experience

The Yakson House Experience

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As a nurse, I've been subjected to many kinds of stressors and tensions which requires not just my psychological & emotional area but to my physical area as well. I chose this because I thought of needing this therapy to help ease the tension that I've felt at my back area due to my work for the past five years. So yesterday, here I was at the Yakson House at Makati City to experience the Back massage and I met the Yakson House owner, Kim Yu Min who was very accommodating and may I mention, a great therapist herself (as she was the one who did my Back Bone Therapy).
And how was it?
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I'm so grateful to have experienced this. A single session can truly make a difference already and imagine if you'll get the whole session! They've got wonderful staff and the therapists were professional (they truly know what they're doing).The great thing about the massage is that it focuses/cares on the muscles at the back(Trapezius), and this back care promotes blood circulation, thus helps lessen the tension and stiffness. But not only that, it can make your back slim and smooth after the complete session. This means that Yakson House is not just a beauty spa but also a health spa. 
My favorite part of the massage was the time she rubbed a hot then cold towel over my back and it was just a superb feeling that almost made me sleep during the program. I felt light and rejuvenated after that. 
Thank You!

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The Yakson House Experience

Hi there! Good day to you!
This is Yumin Kim, in behalf of my team and Yakson House Makati Branch, 
we are very happy to heard from you what you had been experienced here.
Thank you very much for your precious time and hope to see you again! 
Take Care and God Bless!!

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