Monday, August 20, 2012

The ONE and ONLY Yakson House

The ONE and ONLY Yakson House

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I am a massage mania, so I go to spa at least once a week. Also, I’m a loyal customer, so once something-- the bags, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, restaurant, shops--, reaches my satisfaction, I tend to stick to it.
Before I’ve been to Yeoksam branch in 2010, I was a frequent visitor of the H-something hotel spa. However, once I received a face balance treatment at the Yeoksam Yakson House, I decided to change my place.
Although the amenities are not first rate, and they don’t have Jacuzzi, pool or individual spa room, they have well-trained and cheerful staffs who can take my rigid muscles away and revitalise my body. Not only that I am surprised to find that my face bone shape is actually changed just like I received a cosmetic surgery. All of my colleagues and friends asked me whether I got Botox even. :D
I’ve travelled around world for the business. Since I’m a massage mania as it is told above, I visit the spa place every time I travel. However, nothing completes my satisfaction, because none of them couldn’t loosen my rigid “I-need-a-massage” spot. If I go to the Yakson House with my tense shoulder, the staffs relax it until it gets soft. I can say the Yakson House is one of the reasons that I don’t want to leave Seoul. :D
I think I am indeed lucky enough to visit the Yakson House in 2010, and as long as I stay in Korea, the Yakson House is the ONE and ONLY place for massage where I can thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit.

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Dear SB,
The one and only Yakson House!! You might like gossip girl. So do I. ^^
We’e honored to hear you and thank you for sharing your experience on our website.
I envy that you’ve travelled around world and visited so many spa places. ^^
I’ so appreciate you think Yakson House is the best.
You've recieved our facial balance care for about 3years.
We used our special Golki therapy technique to reshape your face into a V-shaped baby face
by pressing down bones and rejoining the gapped bones, particularly temporal bone area.
Your steady visits have resulted in a fine face contour and symmetrical face.
We will continue to do our best for your beauty and health.

Looking forward to your next visit!
From MyungSook, Back
Yakson House yeoksam branch
Seoul, Korea

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