Friday, July 13, 2012

Body Makeup, Body Makeup Reviews

Body Makeup, Body Makeup Reviews

Body Makeup, Body Makeup Reviews

In the summer, wearing shorts and skirts is more comfortable than wearing pants but everyone has their own body concerns so try body makeup for your legs and body which looks and feels better than expected. Learn how to apply makeup to the body

1. Swimsuit makeup
Use waterproof body makeup for your bikini line. You can cover your skin imperfection for Flawless looking skin. Water proof mascara would be okay if you don`t wipe your eyes but it is not easy to touch eyes after swimming.

2. Leg makeup
Body makeup is a secret ingredient in creating star`s sexy legs, applying dark tone foundation make your legs look slim and you can easily cover slight scars to use leg makeup. Most important thing about leg makeup is the choosing right tone color. Make sure to use the right tone to match up the tone of your skin

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