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Get it beauty #16 Vibrating Foundations

1. Hanskin Super moving Touch

Hanskin, the leading Korean BB Cream Company got best score for Vibrating Foundation. 15,000 vibrations for a minutes and very soft vibration, hardly can feel vibration.

2. IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up

Popular for its makeup power, also very popular its auto foundation. 12,000 vibrations per minute make smooth and elastic skin.

3. Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat

4,500 vibrations per minute and adjustable Speed make very smooth finish on your skin.

Which one would like to try it for your vibrating foundations?

Vibrating Foundation is easy way to apply foundation for a flawless looking face. I have tried to use my fingers to cover my dark skin but I am always wondering if it is better to use a brush or sponge. Using vibrating foundation would make skin look flawless and help me spend less time getting ready in the morning.

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