Monday, June 4, 2012

Calf Exercises, Calf Workout

Most women want to have attractive sexy legs but it is difficult to slim by exercise alone. Especially when a woman wears high heel, a well-toned calf muscle look tight and sexy. 

Build strong sexy calves

1. Jump Roping (Slim Calves)
Jump rope emphasizes your calves and stretching and tightening your thighs. When you do jumping rope on a consistent basis it helps to more calories as well.

2. Calf Workout (Calf Exercises)
Standing on the floor with your feet slightly apart and simply lifts up onto your tip toes and pause for a second. (Hold onto something to keep your balance)

3. Half Body
Half body bath is to put the lower half of the body in warm water. Taking a half body bath is good for relaxing and increasing circulation.

4. Legs Massage
Massage helps to stimulate and strengthen muscles. It also helps reduce cramping and swelling in the legs. Massage promotes relaxation and relieves stress naturally. 

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