Pretty Body Shape Care (First visit to Yakson House)

Pretty Body Shape Care

Recently I became 4th of Yakson House`s beauty editor 

so I made my first visit to Yakson House.

Pretty Body Shape Care

The atmosphere was neat and staff was very friendly!

To be honestly I didn`t know yakson house before I joined yakson house`s beauty 

editor. But it is quite popular even it was hard to reservation for my first day.

Pretty Body Shape Care

After writing yakson house`s customer care card, I have changed to clothes with yellow.

Pretty Body Shape Care

There is several massage bed inside. It was very clean and neat.

Pretty Body Shape Care

I lay down on massage bed it took almost 2 hours to finish first session. 

Yakson house`s massage is based on ‘Golki Therapy’ 

so it was quite painful but very much worth it. 

Pretty Body Shape Care
The term ‘Body Care’ often entails the concept of weight loss. However, as aggressive weight loss programs often do more harm than good, professional and systematic care for the overall balance of the body while maintaining health is quite important. We will restore overall balance and firmness to your body, making your body line stand out in any outfit.

Pretty Body Shape Care Process
Lower body shape care ▶abdomen shape care ▶Back part shape care ▶Hip shape care ▶Lower body part shape care ▶Back resilience care ▶lower body resilience care ▶hip resilience care ▶lower body resilience care ▶rib resilience care ▶abdomen relaxing ▶arm resilience care ▶head care

yakson house

Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441


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