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Koreatown, or K-town as it is colloquially known, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan that is generally bordered by 31st and 36th Streets and Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenues. Its location in Midtown Manhattan is close to the Empire State Building and Macy's at Herald Square. –wikipedia-

While everyone goes through sagging of the facial skin and muscles, the rate of aging could definitely be slowed down by the way you manage it. UV rays, gravity, smoking, drinking, stress, bad habits, etc. all contribute to sagging of the face and these are hard to stay away from. That’s why aggressive and systematic lifting care is a must for keeping your face firm and slim with a V-line around it to keep your youthful look.

Power-up lifting Care
Back resilience , arm relaxation or rib resilience, abdomen relaxation▶collarbone & shoulder care▶face nourishing care▶face lifting care▶mask pack▶finish

All program contents can be changed by customer's condition.
We provide customized care of nourishment (moisturizing, lifting) and periosteum(resilience) according to your skin condition.

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