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“My face became smaller and lifted, and my jaw line got sharpened. I look younger!” This is a testimonial by a young woman who experienced Yakson House`s Bone Therapy. Many of you might think it is impossible to make your face slimmer without plastic surgery. But this is no longer true thanks to Yakson House`s Bone Therapy.

Invented in 1979, the therapy promotes efficient blood circulation by relaxing bones and skin and ultimately helps you to attain a smaller face and beautiful facial structure. Among the more than 20 programs that Yakson House in New York offers, Unequal Face Care treats the pelvis and face and fixes imbalanced body parts. One client confesses. “The result was astonishing. It`s hard for me to believe that the shape of my face and legs have now become similar to what I saw n before and after pictures. Not just do I look better in the mirror, but I feel a lot healthier, too.”

Face Reduction Care not only reduces the size of your face but also brings back an even facial structure and elastic skin via facial care as well as abdomen and back care. Some commentary from a client: “It was as I had read, quite painful. But in my estimation it was well worth the pain. The results were immediate and long-lasting. My sinuses were clearer afterward. My jaw was sharper and streamlined, and my eyes were more open and lifted.” This 33-year-old holistic therapy could help you achieve health and beauty.

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