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Hello this is Nana, beauty editor in Yakson House. Today I got Yakson House`s chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack. Say good bye to your troubled skin! Yakson house`s ‘Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack will help your skin look healthy and very effective for skin lifting and tightening.

It includes oyster powder and Korean traditional ingredients so I feel reliable about the brand. I guess it also help to make my face slim while I`m getting a massage at yakson house.


As you apply the pack to your face, you will your face start to tight. It was like mud pack which is full of healthy minerals. It helps in rejuvenating and skin tightening. It was so great to detoxify my face.

‘Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack
Size: 200ml
Price: $60
How to use: Apply face avoiding the eye area after toner and then rinse off after 15 ~ 30 min.

‘Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack to revitalize your skin
‘Chung-ryu’ 30 plants pack helps firm up the look of tired, slackened skin by our exclusive 30 plants complex. Korean traditional ingredients are good for aged skin and revitalize skin`s appearance with advanced lifting and firming technology. Let`s make it moisturized and lifted with 30 plants pack if you have dry skin (available in all Yakson House stores)

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Yakson House NY Branch : 212-564-7474

Yakson House Makati Branch : 02)892-9441


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