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‘Chung-Ryu’ facial pack, Sun Block Moisturizer and Aloe Body lotion is the key of how to make your skin protected and relaxed from the sun. When you make-up, apply Sun Block Moisturizer Maker Up Base after moisturizing your face. This double duty of sun block and primer protects your skin against sun and drying with function of water-proof and moisturizing. And after shower at night, after wash your face and apply ‘chung-Ryu’ 30 Plants pack on your face avoiding the eye and mouse area. Let it dry for a while ( 15~30 min) and rinse off. For your body skin, Aloe Body lotion is perfect way to moisturize and massage. Multi-purpose Aloe Body Lotion whose main ingredient is pure aloe extracts to help strengthen the skin immune system including function of massage lotion. Apply on your body after shower and gently massage with this. 

Product Detail

Sun Block :
·        to show skin color natural with nano-technolog
·         easy to spread out by using light-weight formula and waterproof without a smudge
·         hypoallergenic by using natural surfactant from sugar
·         to keep your skin smooth and moist by forming a moisture barrier on your skin

30 Plants pack :
·         tourmaline powder, silk powder, pearl powder, amethyst powder salicornia herbacea extract, broussonetia extract make skin to look clear and radiant
·       scutellaria baicalensis root Extract, phellodendron amurense bark extract, stevia rebaudiana extract, bamboo salt, pueraria mirifica root extract helps firm up the look of tired, slackened skin.
·      You can have more lifted, healthy and refreshed skin by regular using.

Aloe Body Lotion :
·         Hypoallergenic with aloe extracts and botanical complex
·         To feel soft with Long Lasting Oil while massaging
·         To make your skin moist with liquid ceramides and gamma-PGA while massaging and after massaging
·        To make your skin clean and bright by effectiveness of removing harmful wastes in your skin with grape seeds oil and effectiveness of brightening with green tea extracts

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