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Bone Therapy

Yakson House offer 20 aesthetic programs, all based on bone therapy. It helps to force out toxins from our body and stimulate blood circulation by relaxing bone structure. Originally invented by Lee Byeong-chul, the president of Yakson House. Bone therapy is effective to gain smaller face and balanced body structure.

Bone Therapy

Bone Therapy
The bone therapy is new field of an aesthetic therapy that was created by the combination of the bone treatment which was invented by the president of Yakson House and health beauty programs. The bone therapy uses the handcrafts to stimulate the blood flow efficiently. Those stimulated blood flow by the bone therapy perform its ability of nature healing by providing nutrition and cleaning the body wastes. The bone therapy is a natural therapy that makes healthy beauty of face and body shapes. YAKSONMYUNGGA completed its own unique healthy beauty program with experiences and know-how.

Bone Therapy

The main effects of the bone therapy
1. Take care of bow legs
2. Take care of unbalanced face and pelvis shapes.
3. Makes the natural beauty shape of small face

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