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Yakson House Gumi Branch News

Hello, this is Hyesung Oh and Suna Choi from Gumi branch.
 Today we did our office floor cleaning with our staff. 

It`s the time for winter cleaning!
Get ready for the cleaning with black, red, green  lol

Can`t see our hands!!! 

It was big cleaning day.

Our staff loves helping our office keep clean. 
Thank you our staff!

We enjoyed warm weather for our clean up day. 
Clean all the things! Done our cleaning!!

Konjiam Resort, Korea Ski Resort

Most of the ski resorts of Korea are located throughout Gangwondo it start to open late November but it is too far drive from Seoul. So if you would like to enjoy ski or snowboarding near Seoul, Konjiam resort is the best place for just one night ski tour.
Konjiam Resort: (Detail Information)

Konjiam resort is the best place to stay with family. It has 400 condominium rooms, a spa and subsidiary facilities. It is only 50 minutes away from Seoul and Konjiam resort has the largest ski slopes in Korea.  

Yakson House staffs are also enjoy our day off at Konjiam resort. It was definitely not crowded on weekdays.  

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Red bean soup, Korea Red bean soup, Patjuk

Red bean soup is called Patjuk in Korean. It is often served during the winter season. Especially on Dongjinal (December 22) Korean eat red bean soup to defeat negative energy. In old Korean tradition it is believed to prevent evil spirits.
 Last week on our Ilsan branch, our director made red bean soup for our staff. In red bean soup contains saealsim (small rice dumplings) which make red bean soup more delicious. it was so much fun to make Korea traditional food with our staff. Enjoy everyone! 

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Yakson House Busan Branch – Pretty Body Shape Care Review

After sitting at a computer desk all day, I always come home with shoulder stiffness.
So I reservation Yakson House to fix my shoulder and neck`s stiff. 
Yakson House use a little oil so it directly goes on the skin.

Body Care Process Lower body shape care ▶ abdomen shape care ▶ Back part shape care 
▶ Hip shape care ▶ Lower body part shape care ▶ Back resilience care 
▶ lower body resilience care ▶ hip resilience care ▶ lower body resilience care 
▶ rib resilience care ▶ abdomen relaxing ▶ arm resilience care ▶ head care

Yakson House`s massage helps to lose belly fat to stay fit and healthy.
 Regular massage stimulates my abdominal organs and increase blood circulation.
Thank you very much Yakson House Busan Staff! 
See You Next Week. Merry Christmas!


Yakson House Makati Branch Christmas Event!! (15% Discount)

Less 15% discount on all services when you get a package (cash basis only)

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Merry Christmas - Yakson House Seolleung Branch

Hello, this is Seolleung branch at Gangnam in Seoul. 
Last week we went to Seoul Palace Hotel for celebrating our 4th anniversary party. 

Seoul Palace Hotel - Photo Shot infront of Christmas Tree

Me and Jieun Lee 

We can see all the kichen chef`s cooking J

Before eating photo time!!! Boram Kim, Seoyeon Bae and Me

Photo with beautiful lamp at Hotel

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Cheongdamdong Alice, Park Shi Hoo, Moon Geun Young

Title: Cheongdamdong Alice Genre: Romance, comedy Broadcast network: SBS Episode: 16 Cast: Moon Geun Young, Park Shi Hoo, So Yi Hyun, Kim Ji Suk
Synopsis: A drama about an average commoner woman Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) becoming the daughter-in-law of a Cheongdam-dong family. Han Se Kyung is a talented young designer who lives each day with the motto "Strive for your dream to succeed". Until she met Cha Seung Jo (Park Shi Hoo) a president of a luxury brand shop in Cheongdam-dong who will change her life.

Yakson House Shincheon Branch Party

Today our Shicheon branch staff went to Broadway restaurant at Jangji-dong

Outside of restaurant, bling bling Christmas decorations

This is me, director Sara Jung and Yumin Kim

Atmosphere is very luxury in same very way staff are very gentle 

Steak, crab, sushi almost food taste great 
Thank you for the great dinner with our staff and Merry Christmas!!


Good Habits for a Long Health Life

Good Habits for a Long Health Life

1) Skip Your Morning Coffee - Coffee gets a bad rap because of the caffeine. Instead of coffee, drink some fresh fruit or vegetable juice every day.
2) 30 Minutes of Exercise You don`t have to exercise every day to be health but walking is one simple exercise that we can easily do.
3) Eat a variety of whole foods - They contain more nutrients and fiber that our body need. Try fruits, vegetables, beans like colorful foods.
4) Wear natural clothing The skin is the body's largest organ but artificial material contain chemical compounds so it is harmful for our skin`s function.

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