Monday, October 24, 2011

Yakson House : Asian Sensation

Making face size visibly smaller, Yak Son Myung Ga's Bone Therapy swept the Japanese beauty industry as soon as it was introduced in Japan in 2009. With a lot of media attention --- TV, magazine, newspaper and even online --- the inventive therapy from Korea fascinated Japanese women because of its tremendous results in making faces smaller without resorting to plastic surgery.

Originally invented in 1979 by Byeng Cheoul Lee, the president of Yak Son Myung Ga, Bone Therapy stimulates efficient blood circulation by relaxing bones and skin. This aesthetic therapy is particularly effective in attaining a smaller face and beautiful facial structure through a holistic approach. It has received recognition all over the world as a therapy that can promote beauty and health. Following the establishment in Tokyo in 2009, Yak Son Myung Ga finally opened its first New York branch in 2010.

Yak Son Myung Ga in New York offers over 20 aesthetic care programs using the Bone Therapy method, which fixes bone structure, contours, firms, slims, relaxes, and beautifies skin. Among the various programs, the following three should be noted: Unequal Face Care, Face Reduction Care, and Curved Legs Care. For those who want a healthy and beautiful face, Unequal Face Care is an ideal treatment. By treating the pelvis and face, it fixes bones that have been modified by an unhealthy lifestyle. Face Reduction Care not only reduces the size of your face, but it also brings back an even facial structure and elastic skin via facial care as well as abdomen and back care. In the Curved Legs Care program, Yak Son Myung Ga treats the patient's backbone and pelvis with its own therapeutic technique and straightens curved legs.

To know more about Yak Son Myung Ga's holistic treatment and their services, go to their website. For prices for each treatment, please call.

Bone Therapy begins with massage to force out toxins from the face and then parts of the body that are unwell. Unlike other facial slimming approaches, it treats both face and body.

After 20 treatments, uneven facial structure is corrected and the size of face gets visibly smaller as the masks show.

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